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Am I Covered When I Rent a Car?

Sunday, February 6, 2011 @ 06:02 PM
posted by admin

This question should be answered by your agent, as not every policy is the same.

For the policies that we offer through our office the answer is:

All coverage that you have on your auto insurance policy extends to any temporary replacement vehicle. If you do not have comprehensive and collision coverage then you will need to purchase the damage waiver from the rental car company.

Why might it be a good idea to purchase the damage waiver even if your insurance covers your rental car?

  • If you have a single vehicle accident you could avoid your insurance rates going up.  An example of this would be myself, as I drove to Las Vegas, in a rental car that I had purchased the damage waiver for.  It was a dark night and I hit a truck tire that was in the middle of the road, which totally destroyed the bumper of the car and caused undercarriage damage.  Although my insurance would have covered this, my rates would have gone up. Because I had purchased the damage waiver there was no question when I turned in the vehicle.

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