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***New California Law*** Negligent Drivers Face Traffic School Roadblock

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 @ 12:08 AM
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For those who are trying to keep their auto insurance premiums as low as possible you will want to read into this new California law.  In the past, drivers were able to go to traffic school once every 18 months to avoid having the ticket affect the price of their auto insurance.  Although the new law will still allow traffic school for a first violation within 18 months, if you get a second violation, not only is that ticket chargeable on your auto insurance, but the first ticket that you went to traffic school for will also become chargeable.

Find the article below from the Orange County Register.


Negligent Drivers Face Traffic School Roadblock

Beginning July 1,2011, the courts will no longer be allowed to “dismiss” infractions after a driver attends Traffic Violator School (TVS). Instead, a state law (AB 2499) now requires that all offenses be recorded as “convictions,” which will create a detailed breakdown of a person’s driving history

“This new law creates serious consequences for repeat offenders,” said DMV Director George Valverde. “It is an important step in ensuring that our roads remain safe.”

Under the new guidelines, drivers who attend

a TVS course will have their first conviction masked and avoid negative marks on their driver record. However, if they accrue additional violations within the next 18 months, the convictions will appear on the record, negligent operator points will be assigned, and their insurance company will be notified.

Up until now, when convictions were stamped


“dismissed,” it was equivalent to a verdict of “not guilty,” so it appeared as though there were no violations. Frequent offenders have been able to use this loophole as a way to repeatedly attend TVS.

Traffic Violator Schools are being required to inform their students about this change in the law.


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